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The Blue Gasoline Pills are Vegetable Based  and   Safe
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AutoKard Gasoline Pill
Drop one pill in your gas tank (completely dissolves) per 20 gallon tank. AutoKard's unique formulation is a fuel additive that acts as a lubricant and cleaning compound. It's molecular action causes a finer mist and makes a more complete burn and has been shown to significantly improve gas mileage and performance and reduce in all gasoline and diesel powered engines! Increases gas mileage up to 25% - depending on driving habits.

The best deal is autoship one package a month containing 20 pills at $30. Shipping is included when you sign up for automatic monthly shipment.

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                            AutoKard Gasoline Pill
Your local distributor may have sample packages of 5 gasoline pills each for $10. Please call (760) 840-0973 to find out more.